• Professional Grading & Excavating Services

    Professional Grading & Excavating Services

    The Right Equipment For Any Job.
  • Tree, Shrub & Flower Care

    Tree, Shrub & Flower Care

    Extend the Life & Appearance of Your Investment
  • Lawn Care & Maintenance

    Lawn Care & Maintenance

    Exceptional, Year-Round Lawn Care For Your Home or Business
  • Irrigation System Management

    Irrigation System Management

    Maintain Optimum Efficiency & Coverage From Your Systems
  • Landscape Designs & Installation

    Landscape Designs & Installation

    Your Vision or Ours. Spec-Trim Brings It To Life.
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Commercial Lawn Care

Exceptional lawn care involves much more than a weekly mowing. Spec-Trim covers every aspect of commercial landscaping in St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Peters & Metro Illinois, including...

Residential Lawn Care

A good eye, proper pruning techniques and the comprehensive knowledge of plant care from Spec-Trim will extend the life and appearance of your landscape investment for years to come.  Spec-Trim offers the most beautfiully designed landscapes in St Louis, St. Charles, St. Peters & Metro Illinois area. Call us today for all of your residential landscaping needs, including...

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Awards & Recognition

  • Over the course of the five years that i worked with Spec-Trim Lawn Care Management, I witnessed their dedication to work, their concern for safety and their willingness to learn and adapt to a new environment. The campus was new and rules for maintaining a hospital setting had to be established. Spec-Trim Lawn Care Management quickly learned these rules and went beyond what was required to ensure a sage campus for all employees while still very conscious of the very tiht operation budget. Any company would benefit by hiring Spec-Trim. Their dedication, work ethic, willingness to learn and positive attitude was a great asset to Progress West Hospital.
    Richard Albretch
    Facility Condition Manager
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