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Oh sure it is cooling off and now in St. Louis but...this is the time to think about......Spring! Believe it or not, winterizing your lawn with the proper nutrients, pre-emergents, sprinkler system treatments etc. done now, will save a whole lot of money and angst in the spring. Promise! It's true, an ounce of prevention is better and lot less expensive than a pound of cure!

And if your tired of getting that aching back every fall from raking up leaves, Spec-Trim Lawn Care to the Rescue! We'll scoop up you leaves and either haul away or grind and pile for your local leafe collection. Either way, we've got your back at at Spec-Trim Lawn Care Management!

Awards & Recognition

  • During the past several years, Spec-Trim Lawn Care Management has been contracted to take care of the lawn service and snow removal at some of the communities where I am the managing agent. I recommend Spec-Trim Lawn Care as a reliable and responsible lawn service contractor who takes pride in their business, which shows in the finished product. They have a habit of responding quickly and taking care of concerns promptly.
    Karen C.
    Property Manager
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