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Is there a science to landscape fertilization??  You bet. 

Proper fertilization of a commercial landscape takes into account several factors.  What types of lawn grasses you may have, annual vs. perennial flowers, evergreen vs. deciduous shrubs and when do you feed trees anyway?   And how much?  Is granular better than sprayed?  You're going to do that when?  Hey, there's a lot to think about.

We Guarantee:

  • Lawns, Deep, Rich and Green
  • Flower Beds Bursting With Color
  • Shrubs With Lush Green Foliage and Seasonal Blooms
  • Trees Maintained & Protected, working in harmony with your landscape

At Spec-Trim we think about Commercial Fertilization schedules virtually every day!  There is no guess work.  We set up a schedule in advance and do the fertilization programs while we are at your location doing other year-round maintenance services.  This eliminates extra visits and keeps your costs down.  We use only the highest quality plant materials and fertilization products and buy in bulk to reduce your expense as well. 

From large apartment complexes to small footprint commercial buildings we'll make you shine.  So, if you don't want to do it yourself, call your friends at Spec-Trim.  Can you find cheaper, maybe.  Can you find better, not a chance.   Make the call 636.294.7336

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Awards & Recognition

  • We have used Spec-Trim Lawn Care and Design for several years. We first used this company for the landscaping that we needed done in front of our Monastery. Most people do not have experience or the expertise to beautify and harmonize an area that needs a face-lift. This company was able to give us an idea in advance of what our front yard would look like. They did it quickly an they tastefully placed shrubs and plants. We also use Spec-Trim Lawn Care to help us get our front lawn in better condition and to make it more attractive. Our yard is showing improvement as the treatment of grass is administered at regular intervals. We would recommend this company if you need either landscaping or lawn care.
    St. Peters, MO
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