Commercial Power Washing

Professional Commercial Power Washing Services

Spec-Trim's professional high-pressure washing services will improve the safety, performance and appearance of any building exterior, manufacturing environment, prepared surfaces, floors or heavy equipment. 

High Pressure Washing Commercial Cleaning Services include:

  • High Power Pressure Washing
    For any type of Commercial, Industrial, Residential Property, New Construction and Specialty Services
  • Graffiti and Paint Removal
    Remove any graffiti or paint that is in unwanted areas or building exteriors.
  • Wet Sandblasting
    For heavy equipment, paint and sealant removal, or any other tough job that requires a little extra cleaning!
  • Environmental Awareness
    Spec-Trim's High Pressure Washing is Environmentally Safe and follows all procedures and standards set for water containment and reclamation.

Pressure Washing can clean anything, including:

  • Awnings, Windows, Sidewalks, Signage, and Drives for Commercial Properties
  • Parking Lots/Garages for Commercial Buildings, Restaurants, Shopping Centers
  • Graffiti and Paint Removal from Building Exteriors, Sidewalks and anywhere else
  • Industrial Cleaning of Manufacturing Plants, Distribution Centers, Breweries
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Home Exteriors, Driveways, and Patios
  • 24/7 Emergency Response for Spill Clean-up of Hydraulic or Animal Fat Based Spills

Spec-Trim's mission is to provide the most efficient and highest quality of service to our clients. Throughout the years our crews have restored high-rise buildings, cleaned heavy equipment, removed hundreds of graffiti areas, removed efflorescence from concrete and brick, and cleaned store fronts, sidewalks, and parking garages throughout St. Louis and St. Charles, Missouri and Metro East Illinois.

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Awards & Recognition

  • During the past several years, Spec-Trim Lawn Care Management has been contracted to take care of the lawn service and snow removal at some of the communities where I am the managing agent. I recommend Spec-Trim Lawn Care as a reliable and responsible lawn service contractor who takes pride in their business, which shows in the finished product. They have a habit of responding quickly and taking care of concerns promptly.
    Karen C.
    Property Manager
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