Commercial Snow Removal

St. Louis Area Professional Snow Removal Services

Winter weather in the St. Louis area brings about issues of safety and property protection.  Reduce your risk & liability by making your property safeSpec-Trim constantly monitor the weather conditions for the entire region to make sure we are on top of our game and ready to provide you the best and most efficient services in snow and ice removal at a moment’s notice. Our goal is to minimize interruptions to your business by making your property safe and accessible for customers and employees, thereby reducing your risk and liability.

Snow Removal Services Include:

  • Plowing
  • Hand Shoveling
  • Ice Removal
  • Salting/Sanding

Spec-Trim knows it's much more than removing snow and ice; it’s about keeping everyone safe and your business producing.

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Awards & Recognition

  • Over the course of the five years that i worked with Spec-Trim Lawn Care Management, I witnessed their dedication to work, their concern for safety and their willingness to learn and adapt to a new environment. The campus was new and rules for maintaining a hospital setting had to be established. Spec-Trim Lawn Care Management quickly learned these rules and went beyond what was required to ensure a sage campus for all employees while still very conscious of the very tiht operation budget. Any company would benefit by hiring Spec-Trim. Their dedication, work ethic, willingness to learn and positive attitude was a great asset to Progress West Hospital.
    Richard Albretch
    Facility Condition Manager
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